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Hedgie’s Story


At our daycare, Hedgie is our hero!
Hedgie is super adaptable – he can live in all kinds of places like forests and deserts, just like a ninja chameleon. That’s called adaptability, and it’s an awesome trait for children to have as they grow and face new challenges.
Hedgie is always exploring and checking out his surroundings, like a little detective. That’s called curiosity, and it’s great for children because it helps them learn about the world and discover new things!

But he is not just a solo adventurer – he loves hanging out with his friends and forming close bonds. That’s called friendship, and it’s really important for children as they learn to connect with others and build strong relationships.

Finally, Hedgie is a total silly sausage – he loves running, jumping, and playing all day long! He is a little adventurer, and that’s called playfulness. Playfulness is essential for children because it helps them live in the moment, grow, and learn new things while having fun!

Hedgie’s Philosophy

Hedgie believes in creating a safe and supportive space for young children to explore and develop through play. Each child’s unique abilities are valued and encouraged to express themselves creatively through play and through connection with others. The program is designed to spark their curiosity and imagination, and foster collaboration and empathy among the group.

Hedgie’s Mentor

Our CEO has a decade of experience working with children in various capacities, including school-based pre-K programs for children with diverse abilities and individualized programs tailored to each child’s unique needs. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and specialized training in DIR/Floortime and Sensory Integration, she is equipped to support children in unlocking their full potential and thriving in a shared group experience.

Develop skills relevant to the 21st century:

  • HEDGIE’S HELLO CIRCLE TIME Circle time with songs and dance is a fun and interactive way to introduce children to the day and create a sense of community among the group. Visual schedules are also used to provide children with a clear understanding of the daily routine, helping them to feel more comfortable and confident as they move through each activity and predict fun and safety.
  • HEDGIE’S EXPLORATORY PLAY Exploratory play provides each child with an opportunity to select and receive encouragement in an activity of their choice, an activity that is guided by their inner motivation, thereby promoting their unique development and growth in their own direction.
  • HEDGIE’S CLASSES Catering to a variety of age groups and interests, Hedgie's Classes encompass 'Little Builders,' 'Masterpiece Maker,' 'Boogie Bunch,' 'Experiment Explorers,' 'Once Upon A Stage,' and 'Body Basics Course'. Each of these tailored group activities invites children to participate together, creating a shared experience that encourages social interaction, communication, and collaboration. Through these engaging activities, children not only cultivate their interests but also develop essential social skills, including empathy, cooperation, and teamwork. These shared experiences foster a sense of belonging and connection within each group, laying the foundation for positive relationships and supporting comprehensive child development across all our offerings
  • HEDGIE’S GOODBYE CIRCLE TIME Goodbyes can be tough, but as a group, we can remember all the special moments we shared today and plan for more fun times tomorrow. It's important for us to be grateful for and enjoy the time we spend together. Let's take a moment to reflect on the memories we made today and say 'See you soon' to our friends!

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Ho conosciuto questo posto tramite passaparola ed è stata una splendida scoperta! È tutto a misura di bambino, pulito, curato e Katelyn è estremamente disponibile, professionale, e riesce ad essere amorevole con i bambini. Intrattiene con attività e coinvolge i genitori con foto o aggiornamenti. Super super super consigliato!

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