Little Builders

In each session, we offer a variety of building materials from blocks to cardboard. Your child can build anything from a towering castle to a bustling little town. Building is more fun with friends! Your child will learn to work as part of a team, sharing materials and ideas. This helps them learn new words and practice their social skills.


Once Upon A Stage

Welcome to "Once Upon A Stage," where we dive into the magical worlds of stories, nursery rhymes, and songs!We'll be singing along to nursery rhymes and acting out beloved stories. Each session is a fun chance for your child to learn new words and ways to express themselves.Our time together isn't just play; it's also about learning the importance of friendship and understanding feelings.It is a playful mix of storytelling and music that will get your child singing, acting, and making friends!


Experiment Explorers

Welcome to "Experiment Explorers," the ultimate playground for young scientists. Watch as your child's eyes light up with wonder through hands-on experiments that make learning feel like magic.Our fun-filled sessions are a mix of simple science experiments, teamwork, and curiosity. We'll stir up potions, create mini-volcanoes, and explore the mysteries of magnetism! As we dive into each experiment, we also introduce the language of science, teaching your child new words and expressions that help articulate their budding ideas and discoveries. It's not just science—it's a verbal and sensory exploration!Nurtured in a safe and supportive environment, "Experiment Explorers" offers a unique opportunity for your child to grow holistically—developing scientific thinking, emotional well-being, and a rich vocabulary all in one place.