Ideas to introduce music and dance into your everyday routine

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We have the opportunity to teach children a variety of math activities that help students test their skills as soon as they arrive.

Music and dance are great ways to engage children in playful learning experiences that promote physical, cognitive and social-emotional development. At our daycare, we encourage children to explore and express themselves through music and dance. Here are some ideas for introducing music and dance into your everyday routine at home:


Create a dance party:


Sing songs together:

Singing songs together is a great way to bond with your child and promote language development. You can sing nursery rhymes, children’s songs, or even make up your own silly songs.


Make your own instruments:

Encourage your child’s creativity by making homemade instruments together. You can make shakers using rice and plastic containers, or drums using empty boxes and wrapping paper. Once you’ve made your instruments, have a jam session!

Incorporate music into daily routines:

Use music to make everyday routines more fun. For example, you can sing a clean-up song while tidying up toys or play calming music during quiet time.

Attend music classes:

Check out local music classes for children. These classes provide a structured environment for children to learn about music and dance while socializing with other children.


Introducing music and dance into your child’s everyday routine can have numerous benefits, including improved physical coordination, enhanced language and communication skills, and increased confidence and self-expression. Try some of these ideas at home and watch your child’s love for music and dance grow!

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